This past summer I was laid off from my job. Facing a job market that was worsening by the day, I was aggressive in my efforts to find a new position.

I had multiple interviews, was even flown to Philly to meet a potential boss, but things just didn’t pan out — until I decided to accept a free lunch.

I had been faithfully attending our Chapter’s PRSA meetings, looking for opportunities to continue networking. When our Accreditation chair promoted a free “Introduction to APR” lunch, I thought I might as well attend — I was unemployed and could always use a free lunch.

So I went to the lunch and did my usual networking, making sure to tell everyone that I was looking for work. I left that lunch with a few new connections and with a renewed interest in pursuing my APR.

Two weeks later I got an e-mail out of the blue from a woman I met at the APR lunch. She had decided to leave town to take another position and her boss was desperate to find someone who could fill in as a freelancer until they could conduct a search for the right candidate.

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