Public relations is much more than endorsements and what many of the media, bloggers and the public have defined as “spin.” The practice of public relations has and will always be the art and science of building relationships, connecting people and measuring how these relationships with various publics lead to long-term value for an entity or organization (whether it’s in regard to government, investor, analyst, media, community or employee relations). 

The social media landscape influences the way public relations professionals approach and execute the practice of public relations. Social media is forcing a reform of the public relations industry and now requires public relations and communication professionals to act as research librarians, sociologists and cultural anthropologists, and content managers, among other responsibilities.

The changes that we’re experiencing allow us to take back our rightful place in the boardroom as a strong asset to any organization. We’re practicing a bottom-up strategy of listening to the public and then engaging as a meaningful resource and partner rather than the top-down, messaging push strategy of the past.�

As professionals, we must adapt our attitudes and roles, level of technological expertise and commitment to completely embrace the new public relations 2.0 responsibilities. If you started out as media liaison like many of us, then your career today requires you to take an active part within an organization as an influencer. We are not just handlers of information or facilitators of interviews. We are creating and producing content that helps people to learn; we are educating our clients, peers and the public relations industry on this new public relations movement.

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