April is Accreditation month at PRSA!

PRSA has designated April as Accreditation Month. Members can learn more about APR through many special events, including:

My local PRSA chapter, Greater Kansas City, is on the prowl for our next crop of candidates for accreditation in public relations.

We have plenty of members who are interested, but turning an interested member into an accredited member is no easy task. We developed a local incentive package to supplement the rebate offered by national PRSA to members who successfully complete the accreditation process. But even with a financial package that makes the net cost of accreditation $100, we still have challenges recruiting APR candidates. I suspect many other chapters have the same problem.

I’ve read lots of articles and blog posts extolling the virtues of earning accreditation. They talk about bumps in pay, increased confidence, and the great information you’ll learn through the process. Those are all excellent and true points. I agree with them. But since those arguments have been eloquently addressed by others, I’d like to add a different argument to the mix.

Get your APR because it’s the best way you can help advance the credibility of our profession.

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