Blogging is so much more than just an important tool in the overall public relations counselor’s arsenal. Rather, it represents that rare opportunity in which we can not only provide counsel, but “live the experience” as well.

It was that intention to live the experience that first drove me to launch my own blog, Repman, two years ago. As is the case with any client I counsel, I was intent on first discovering what the “competition” was doing, what I could uniquely own and, critically, what fresh content I could generate to reinforce my desired positioning and point of view (POV).

The blog’s name, Repman, was a winner in terms of being a double entendre. It served as both an abbreviation for my subject area, reputation management, as well as becoming a “nickname” for me personally. I stayed laser-focused on my blogs. Each and every one dealt with image or reputation. Each and every one provided my POV on the good, the bad and the ugly. And, each and every one reflected my personality: edgy, irreverent, hopeful, and insightful.

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