April is Accreditation month at PRSA!

PRSA has designated April as Accreditation Month. Members can learn more about APR through many special events, including:

My boss has been (thankfully) pestering me for three years to get my APR. But with growing workplace responsibilities and three sons to chase, who has time to prepare for “the unknown monster” of APR preparation?

So after faithfully placing “Accreditation in Public Relations” on my performance review goals for three years — and explaining it away every year — I had to make it happen in 2011–2012.

After applying and receiving my acceptance, the one-year clock kept ticking until I finally dug into the great resources on the PRSA website that broke it all down into three manageable chunks (Tip #1) — Readiness Review questionnaire, the presentation/portfolio and computer-based Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations.

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