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Like it or not, today’s employee communication — in all of its glittering technological glory — is quickly losing its mojo. Finding it again will take more than another cool digital download.

There was a time when most organizations and their leaders were afforded a certain level of respect and trust, whether or not they earned it. Employees listened to — and usually believed and did — what they were told. Not anymore. Today, credibility is finicky and fleeting. While employees may be hesitant to publicly proclaim their skepticism about their organization and its leadership, many are thinking it. And, if it hasn’t already affected their performance, it soon will.

This decline in respect, authority and trust can, in many ways, be traced to several emerging global, organizational, individual and — perhaps ironically — technological megatrends that are fundamentally altering the relationship between leaders and followers.

These megatrends, which surfaced in Hay Group’s recent “Leadership 2030research report, include accelerating globalization, climate change, individualization, shifting demographics, an emerging digital lifestyle and the convergence of technology. Together, they create a formidable challenge for how we connect and communicate with employees.

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