Attend the APR Boot Camp, the final preparation for the Readiness Review and APR examination, in San Francisco from Oct. 10–13, just before the PRSA 2012 International Conference.

You’ve likely heard the clever catchphrase, “What Would Jesus Do?,” also known as WWJD, and found on beaded necklaces, charms, etc. Well, for the APR certification process, I coined my own extremely helpful version of that phrase: “What Would APR Do?,” or WWAD.

First, a little bit of background. I spent the majority of my professional life working as a radio and television news reporter. When I left the news business in 2002, I took on several governmental/political roles with some public relations functions. Now, working in my own business for nearly six years, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to practice nearly every type of public relations discipline — from outreach to crisis communications. When I decided to pursue the challenge of obtaining my APR, I felt ready.

However, I quickly realized there was so much more to learn …

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