Attend the APR Boot Camp, the final preparation for the Readiness Review and APR examination, in Philadelphia from Oct. 23–26, just before the PRSA 2013 International Conference.

Since earning the APR designation, several of my colleagues have been inspired to start their own APR process. While some jump right in, others share very valid concerns that stop them — whether they don’t have enough time to study or they’ve started, but found the Readiness Review process overwhelming. At one time or another during my own study, I experienced these same obstacles, so I’ve crafted my top 10 tips (or bits of insight, rather) to provide clarification on the front end that can help candidates navigate the Accreditation journey.

Earning my APR has been a very important and rewarding professional achievement for me, and I really look forward to seeing others achieve this impressive credential. Let’s get started!

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