PRSA Employee Communications Conference, May 20–21, 2014, Chicago

Connect with keynote speakers Tyler Durham, Linda Dulye and Maril MacDonald at the PRSA Connect 14 Conference, March 20–21, in Chicago.

I’m getting used to the idea that I have been plying this craft for more than (or is that ‘over’? NOT!) 35 years. I am an old dog and, literally, a greybeard. Which is not to say I know it all, not by a long shot. I treasure my PRSA membership for the learning opportunities it provides me.

It is true, though, that in those years I have been to many conferences. They all have held something new for me, especially when I filled a generalist role. Conferences tend to offer a broad menu to appeal to a broad audience. It’s their nature.

Then there’s Connect ’14, planned this year for May 20–21 in Chicago. I have really enjoyed being part of the Employee Communication Section’s planning team for this conference because we all share that specialty: employee communications.

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