April is Accreditation month at PRSA!

PRSA has designated April as Accreditation Month. Members can learn more about APR through many special events, including:

The first question I always get asked: How did you go from engineering to doing THIS?

The (Short) Answer

Quite accidentally. I had a part-time job to help pay expenses while I was in graduate school … for engineering. I began with a retail book company, and management recognized my talent for communicating — or maybe it was just that I was a big talker, thanks in part to my Italian heritage! Soon I was sent out with the community relations manager to assist on events. I loved it.

After having my first child, the crazy, all-hours of the day workweek just didn’t fit for me. I decided to go back to the retail book company, eventually going into community relations.

How the APR Fits In

Very nicely. Without a background in mass communication or journalism, I wanted to learn the science and theory for more strategic decision making. Unlike college courses where you’ve probably forgotten 99.9 percent of what you learned, APR knowledge is used daily.

If you want to understand how your audience communicates, what research methods to use, how to implement and measure a communications program, then the APR is the next step in continuing your education. The days of doing something based on a “gut feeling” are over and you can prove that to management.

Gina’s 10 Tips for Success

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