Accredited in Public Relations - 50th AnniversaryThere’s no time like the present. That is my best advice for anyone considering pursuing their Accreditation. For me, the journey was largely personal. I had been working for the same organization for nine years, and had settled into a comfortable role. There was no external pressure to achieve the APR, but it was something I had always considered, and thought would be a valuable learning process.

I finally decided to take the plunge at a rather unlikely stage in my life. With two young children at home — and a new baby due in February 2014 — I knew it was “now or never,” and I decided to fill out the paperwork to apply. Once I received my acceptance letter in September 2013, I nearly got cold feet. How in the world would I manage to do this at such a chaotic time? But I also had the new baby on the way, creating a tangible deadline. So I set a five-month window to complete the process and got to work.

Here are my top five tips from my experience:

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