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June 4, 2010

Thinking About APR? Get Motivated and Get It Done!

The APR process was an involved, yet worthwhile, venture.  Preparation for the Readiness Review and computer-based Examination is useful in confirming your knowledge base, and especially useful in identifying areas where you are deficient in knowledge of the field. I’m a firm believer that it is important to be a jack (or Jill) of all trades in the public relations profession, and the APR process helped me round out my knowledge base and led me into some pretty interesting areas of study.

At first, the process appears to be overwhelming — especially when considered against the demands of an already hectic schedule — but becoming Accredited is entirely achievable. I felt that the answering the Readiness Review Questionnaire really set me up for success, and that the APR Study Guide got me thinking about the right things in order to be successful on the computer-based Examination. I did, however, find the Examination to be more of a test of judgment than a test of knowledge. It seemed to me to be more a test of application rather than regurgitation of knowledge. With proper preparation and planning, it is possible to pass it on the first attempt.

In short, I’m happy that I achieved Accreditation and recommend the same to my peers. Good luck and Semper Fi!

Major Joe Plenzler, APR, is a 15-year combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps and recently completed a Master of the Arts in mass communication and media studies at San Diego State University. He currently serves as a public affairs officer in Washington, D.C. Connect with the Marine Corps on Twitter @usmc.

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