It’s no surprise when experts claim that the Internet is the root of all changes in consumer markets today. What is important to realize is how these markets are changing*. It’s through understanding these changes that we can incorporate better strategies that will ultimately have more successful results.

 Change in the Consumer

Access to information, and the ability to relay that message, has put the “message” directly into the hands of the consumer.  In doing so, their expectations have grown. They have a larger sense of entitlement because of this control and in turn, it gives them a sense of power.

Change in Dialogue

How we speak to consumers is shifting from a monologue to what has been coined a ‘multilogue’, a single conversation to what can be an overwhelmed collaboration of information.

Monologue (think of one person) – Messages are shaped and delivered in a one way process. There was a time where you could pick up a major publication and knew what everyone was talking about. This news cycle is now broken.

Dialogue (think of two people) – This was a more sophisticated communication between influencers and communicators but still is one way. It embodies the idea of “What do you need to be able to say good things about me?”

Multilogue (think of a sea of people) – Conversation that is happening everywhere, it takes place all around us and consumers are more important in shaping our brands than we are.

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