Before we can build an effective communication system inside our organization, we have to start with research to identify the communication problems and potential opportunities for improvement.  This requires a thorough look at the history, the leadership, the politics, the personality and the communication channels of an organization.  We need to truly understand our audience(s) – and what they see as the real or perceived barriers to One Clear Voice communication. 

What Methodology Is Best For Your Audience?
The methodology is critical, and often a variety of evaluation tools is needed to reach different audience.  For example:

  • Are you sending email surveys that don’t reach 30% of your employee audience, because they’re out in the field and not able to get to a kiosk?  
  • Have you gone beyond asking about intranet visits to probe likely behaviors around the use of podcasts, blogs and other emerging social media? 

The key is in asking the right questions through the right channels … and then acting on what is learned.
Is Your Organization “Walking The Talk?”
We begin with a hard look at the organization’s mission, vision & values.

  • Do employees know them?  
  • Do employees believe them?  
  • Are the key messages reflected in communication tools like newsletters, brochures and the intranet?  

A look at an organization’s policy and benefits statements, employee orientation program and turnover statistics will often speak volumes about the degree to which an organization is “walking the talk”.�

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