Katie Paine, founder/CEO, KDPaine & Partners LLCKatie Delahaye Paine, cheif executive officer, KDPaine & Partners, opened up the session by giving an overview of 21st century public relations measurement. Paine stressed, data is what you need to keep your job. You become what you measure.

Key take-aways from this session:

  • Measure:
    1. Outputs: time on site, repeat visits, forwards, links and comments
    2. Outtakes: relationships, tone/content of conversation and membership
    3. Outcomes: click thus, donations/orders and signups
  • The measurement engagement consists of conversation index, relationship studies and engagement index. Measure the interaction.
  • There are 27 types of conversation.
  • The Seven Steps of Social Media ROI:
    1. Define the ‘R’ – What are the expected results?
    2. Define the ‘I’ – What is the investment?
    3. Understand your audiences and what motivates them.
    4. Define the metrics.
    5. Determine what you are benchmarking against.
    6. Pick a tool and undertake research.
    7. Analyze results and glean insight, take action and measure again.

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