Emmanuel Tchividjian

Emmanuel Tchividjian

Moderator: Emmanuel Tchividjian, senior vice president and chief ethics officer, Ruder Finn


  1. Bill Sailer, senior vice president, legal counsel, Qualcomm, Inc.
  2. Andrea Kates, founder, Business Genome.
  3. Tom Chernaik, principal, DigComm, Cmp.ly

Of all the sessions I attended at the PRSA 2009 International Conference, this was the most conversational and engaging in terms of audience participation and unscripted dialogue. Emmanuel Tchividjian did a great job moderating the diverse perspectives from three very different professionals, and incorporated the spirit of the topic into his conversational format and open dialogue between the audience and the panelists. Further, his role as senior vice president and chief ethics officer for Ruder Finn lent a perspective of scholarly, almost Socratic moderation of a rather rhetorical discussion, as ethics can often be.
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