For PRSA members who are interested in international public relations, the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management (or “GA”) is an important resource that offers valuable networking, information and learning opportunities.

The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management (GA) was formed in Chicago on October 25, 2000, after a Public Relations World Congress sponsored by PRSA and the International Public Relations Association. Its main purpose is to serve as an umbrella for the collaboration of organizations public relations organizations, and has “a mission to enhance the public relations profession and its practitioners throughout the world.” PRSA was a founding member of the GA and has remained active ever since, currently serving as Treasurer of the GA.

At present, the Global Alliance is a confederation of many of the world’s major PR and communication management associations and institutions, representing 160,000 practitioners and educators in approximately 50 member organizations, an impressive reach given the Global Alliance’s resources. In addition to a modest cash budget of about $85,000 from membership fees and sponsorship, the GA also receives valuable “in-kind” support from USI (Università della Svizzera italiana), which has an executive MBA program in communications and contributes much needed staff and infrastructure to the GA.

As a practical matter, the GA provides a forum for the sharing of ideas and best practices, providing information, networking, and opportunities for research and inquiry, for example, into ethical standards and accreditation practices worldwide. In addition, members of one GA member organization benefit from being able to purchase services and benefits from other member organizations at the member rate.

Although over 98% of PRSA’s members reside in the United States, global issues affect all of PRSA’s members, regardless of their place of residence. As a result, PRSA has found that the GA is a very cost effective way to assist PRSA in carrying out four objectives:

  1. For U.S.-based members, providing them with worldwide resources that make them more effective professionals;
  2. For U.S.-members working abroad, keeping them connected to their profession and to their respective international markets;
  3. For non-U.S. practitioners, offering a connection to the U.S. profession while understanding cultural differences;
  4. Finally, to have a hand in shaping the global profession.

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