Helen Wagner, manager of public relations for 3M, in Minnesota, talks about how 3M executes campaigns on a global scale.

Some of the takeaways from this session:

  • Truly global launches are rare
  • Regional and country launches, grown organically, are more common
  • Give your staff in other countries the creative freedom to innovate, give up some of the control, not all of the programs should be US centric or controlled
  • Think more about long-range programs that build over time. One example is 3Ms Most Gifted Wrapper program for Scotch tape
  • Take a program and replicate (not duplicate) a campaign started in one country to another country
  • You can fund a global launch by reallocating existing PR budgets

Constraints in Global Marketing

When considering public relations programs in multiple markets, the communication team needs to consider three realities:

  • Political: Type of government, political ideologies, activism
  • Economic: Class structure, poverty, literacy rates, legal system
  • Social: Value system, cultural influences, gender based roles, respect to authority

One of the most interesting part of the session concerned the freedom of the press around the world and how that impacts the public relations function in global companies.  She shared some resources offered by Freedom House, an organization dedicated to freedom around the world.  According its statistics of freedom of the press around the world:

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