A- Action, Attitude.
BBelong to Industry Groups.
CCall your Contacts; Connect.
D- Deliver what you say.
EEmpathy and Eye Contact.
FFriendly Approach.
G- Set Goals – “Go for it”, Gratitude, Give.
HHumor and Help Go Hand in Hand.
I- Be Interested and Have Integrity.
JJoin and Get Involved.
KKeep in Touch and Be Kind.
L- Listen, Learn.
MMotivate Yourself.
N- Niceness Pays.
O- Ask Open-ended Questions; Opportunity.
PPractice — Be Professional.
Q- Set a Quota.
R- Be a Resource and Do Your Research.
S- Strategy and :-) Smile.
TTiming Is Everything – Trust Is Key.
UUnderstand Others.
V- Be Versatile.
WWrite Letters.
X- Do It With Love XoXo; at Least “Like.”
Y- Focus on “YOU” the Other Person.
ZZoar With the Possibilities of New and Nurtured Connections.

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