California Wildfires

It turns out that at the very moment we were attending this session, thousands of Californians were being evacuated from their homes.  The Red Cross was sending out messages via Twitter, telling people where they could find shelter and what they needed to do.  They also were using their regular channels, including a purpose-built blog, as well as local radio and television.  But even local media were turning to social media platforms to get the word out.

Gerald Baron is CEO and Founder of AudienceCentral, which makes the online crisis management software Public Information Emergency Response (PIER), and is also the author of the blog CrisisBlogger and the book Now Is Too Late 2, was the session presenter.

Building Trust in a Crisis

Baron said that you have to do two things during a crisis situation to build trust:

  1. Do the right things
  2. Communicate them well

Communicating well includes getting the word out fast; communicating directly; and communicating honestly and transparently.

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