As a first timer at the PRSA 2008 International Conference, I wanted to give a quick shout out to PR professionals and even PRSSA students who aren’t at this event, have never been and are checking out the blogs from Detroit.

After I registered, I pulled out a “Newcomer” ribbon to attach to my badge. Cool, let’s point out the “newbies” and make them comfortable!

Here’s the bottom line: Be sure to put this conference on your 2009 calendar. I’ve worked in public relations for more than 10 years, and having never fit this into my schedule was a mistake.

So I’m paying it forward and urging anybody out there to invest the time to attend this conference. Honestly, you might think it is overwhelming as a first-timer… there is a tremendous amount of information, so many great presentations to choose from and if the figure I overheard is correct, more than 3,000 professionals and students roaming the Marriott here in downtown Detroit. But being in this business, we’re “people people,” so getting out there and immersed in the conference is a piece of cake.

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