In case you haven’t noticed, the blogosphere no longer needs to stand separate and apart from the mainstream media. Blogs have quietly joined the mainstream, at least in terms of their place in the editorial elixir that influences the court of public opinion.

It was late ’04 or early ’05 when Richard Edelman and I presented an introduction to weblogs to The New York Times Company’s communications teams — our focus: blogging’s burgeoning value to public relations professionals. Richard recently had become the first large PR agency CEO to blog regularly. (To this day, he may still be.)

At the time, we hadn’t yet predicted that blogs may one day usurp the news release as the primary deliverer of corporate news. At a minimum, they could serve as a means to publicly present one’s point-of-view, unfettered by the media filter. What’s more: contradictory perspectives would be addressed openly in the blog’s comments section or through comments on other blogs.

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