Before his General Session on Sunday, Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, who now serves as a customer-service representative for the site, spoke for a few minutes with Tactics and The Strategist Online. Here’s a quick excerpt of that conversation:

On going cold turkey from social media for a 24-hour period:
Oh, there’s no way I could go offline that long. (Mike Smith, CEO of MSBD, Newmark’s public affairs counsel, laughed and interjected, “he couldn’t go 25 minutes!”) There’s no way I could stay offline for longer than the time of a flight. My job is customer service right now. I’m looking forward to Internet access being on planes. My life will be easier that way. I won’t have a big backlog of e-mails waiting for me. I do work every day. I stay connected as much as reasonable. And that works for me.

On the appeal of Twitter and microblogging:
It’s an intimate form of communications. It’s real time to a lot of people. It forces you to be brief. And I believe pretty strongly that brevity is the soul of wit. You can just be talking about whatever you feel like. I’m fond of bad bird haiku.

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