Most public relations professionals have at least a rudimentary knowledge of crisis plans and communications but because most don’t often have to use them (knock on wood) few of us possess the experience to evaluate them. Jean Gonsoulin, senior vice-president for GolinHarris addressed that void with, “How Bullet-Proof Is Your Crisis Plan?” Evaluating and re-tooling your plan for successful management in a crisis.”

Key takeaways included:

  • The worst part of a crisis is being unprepared.
  • Our role is to convince management to plan for the unthinkable. 
  • Corporate crises can take many forms – catastrophic, employee violence, product recalls, tainted products, executive misconduct, stock crashes, etc.
  • We should look at crises possibilities from many different angles and areas.
  • Consequences of poor crisis planning include escalation of the crisis, financial devastation, harmed reputation, chaos in the workplace and ultimate failure of your business or company.

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