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5. When your advocates recommend you. This is the best form of advertising you can ever get. It’s so easy to take the time and go back to our advocate and say, “Thank you for referring me to ____. I will keep you posted and informed on what develops. It means a great deal to me to know that you’re willing to recommend me. I appreciate it.” This type of “thank you” might include a small gift as well.

6. When your contacts are patient; or not so patient. Our contacts help us when they give us time to learn how to best serve them. Often this requires their patience. On the other hand, they give us a “wake-up call” when they ask us to hurry up. When this happens they might really be saying, “Hey, remember me? Keep me in mind, or I just might get swept away by the competition.” In either case, pull out a note card again and let them know how important they are to you. Perhaps say, “Thanks for keeping me on my toes. I appreciate how you help keep me on my toes.”

7. When someone says “no” to you. You’ve gone on an interview or meeting and you didn’t get the job, this time. It’s still the opportunity to write a short note. Thank them for their time, their consideration and their honesty. Keep the door open by being friendly and courteous. Research I conducted in the last four years shows that almost 20 percent of jobs and opportunities comes from prospects that said no the first time. People remembered the notes and can make a difference.

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