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May 28, 2010

Your Check List for APR Achievement

So your APR preparation checklist looks something like this:

  • Reviewed and analyzed the list of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) … check.
  • Read the recommended texts most appropriate for my APR study … check.
  • Reviewed the APR Study Guide a few times … check.
  • Have my portfolio almost ready to present to a Readiness Review™ panel … check.
  • Submitted my application and received the Universal Accreditation Board’s OK to proceed … check.

Now what? You can either schedule your Readiness Review™ through your local Chapter OR … attend the “APR Boot Camp” in NYC planned for August 4-7.

As an “APR Boot Camp” co-presenter, I can tell you exactly what you can expect:
The Boot Camp is intense and focused on helping you complete the final components of the Accreditation process in just four days. 

The morning of the first day is spent putting finishing touches on your portfolio and Readiness Review™ preparation. You present to a Readiness Review™ panel that afternoon. 

Days two (full day) and three (half day) pump up the volume with a concentrated review of the KSAs and a reordering of brain cells on how to address the multiple-choice, computer-based Examination on Saturday. Jason Kirsch, APR, and I present a balance of the KSAs and sample questions. Sample questions are used to underscore that the majority of examination questions are scenario-based, not merely geared to memorization.

PRSA’s Kathy Mulvihill puts it best when she says the “APR Boot Camp” is a “tipping point” for those who want to achieve Accreditation to advance their careers, who have prepared through study and who have their portfolios ready for a Readiness Review™ presentation.

Previous “APR Boot Camp” attendees, particularly after passing the Examination, believe the entire process connected all of the dots on their quest for Accreditation … So now the question is, “Are you ready?”

Bob Saline, APR, Fellow PRSA, current Accreditation co-chair for the PRSA Central Pennsylvania Chapter, and president and CEO of PRWorks, Inc., facilitates the computer-based Examination preparation (Days 2 and 3). His areas of expertise include strategic communications and research, issues management and media coaching.

Join Bob, along with Michele Hujber, APR, and Jason S. Kirsch, APR, for “APR Boot Camp” on Wednesday, August 4–Saturday, August 7 in New York, NY!

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