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December 3, 2010

Strategic Messaging: Clues You Need a Common Approach

Want to elevate communications at your organization?
Think about how implementing standard operating procedures can benefit your organization. That’s one of the commonalities we see with our clients who are taking a lead globally in the communications arena.

Where to start?

A common messaging methodology that allows staff to be more efficient and deliver a better work product; at the same time, leadership knows what to expect and how the process works when we need to create messages to achieve a business outcome.
Here are some clues that you might be ready to establish a messaging methodology for your team and organization:

  • Leaders are saying different things about the same topic.
  • You’re developing messages on the fly and at the last minute.
  • You find yourself reviewing communication tools, and the messages on each are different and potentially conflicting.
  • You find your team making frequent (and often last-minute) revisions to content because leaders aren’t aligned.
  • Communicators are “making up” messages or developing them in isolation without the input of leaders and subject matter experts.
  • Your messages aren’t driving the outcomes you seek.

If any of these clues resonate with you, it’s time to consider a standard approach and philosophy toward messaging.

Our clients who have a standard methodology in place say they see a 20-30 hour time savings per month, and are seeing better results from their messaging efforts, including leadership that’s more aligned.

What might you do with that extra time if you were to put a messaging methodology in place?

David Grossman, ABC, APR, Fellow PRSA, is one of business’ leading authorities on internal and leadership communications and is the author of “You Can’t Not Communicate.” David is founder and CEO of The Grossman Group, an award-winning Chicago-based communications consultancy. You can learn more about The Grossman Group and its services on their website, including David’s book and free e-books at Follow David on Twitter @ThoughtPartner, connect on LinkedIn or contact David via e-mail.

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