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March 9, 2011

How to Align Social Media With Traditional Media to Meet Your Business Objectives

Several years ago I helped organize a symposium titled “The Golden Age of PR: How public relations is contributing to success in business.” We lined up great speakers who all made predictions to a full house. And because the skills of public relations people are perfectly suited to create a competitive advantage in the new media environment, the predictions came true. We are now entering a new Golden Age of Public Relations.

Consider the central tasks of marketing: understanding, predicting and influencing customers, delivered through four fundamental objectives:

  • Informing customers of your firm’s offerings
  • Showing them the relevance of your brand
  • Removing the barriers to transactions
  • Nurturing a trustworthy relationship to assure repeat purchases

Now consider the brave new media world, an environment dependent on a new set of media classifications: paid, rented, owned and earned. While paid ads are often the cornerstone of marketing, the other three classifications are best executed from a relationship-building mindset. Relationships are critical for success in this new environment, and relationship-building is, of course, the fundamental expertise of PR practitioners.

In PRSA’s new seminar, Strategic Integrated Communications, I will tie all of the above together and show you how these elements can work together for better results in today’s new media environment. I will teach you how to harness PR power and align traditional media and social media to leverage your firm’s investment with measurable results. You will learn about an effective integration model. So don’t miss this opportunity to fully embrace ownership of this emerging competence and participate in the new Golden Age of Public Relations!

Tim McMahon
founded and leads an award-winning marketing services firm, and was senior vice president of corporate communication and marketing for a
Fortune 100 firm. He has also taught public relations and corporate communication in an award-winning master’s degree program, and has spoken and presented on social media and organizational performance at international conferences.

Like many public relations practitioners, you have likely struggled with how to position social media with your traditional media strategies, and align them with your organization’s overall business objectives. In Strategic Integrated Communications: Align Social Media With Your Overall Marketing Objectives,” March 18, New York, instructor Tim McMahon will draw from his years of marketing and social media experience to teach you how to construct a framework for achieving a balance between both.

Register now for this seminar with the code INTCM03, and gain free access to one PRSA on demand webinar!

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