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October 23, 2007

Another Advocate for Darfur

On Sunday we posted a summary of Mia Farrow’s passionate General Session speech on Darfur.
Her talk certainly helped raise my awareness. Perhaps that’s why I read with great interest a short item in today’s USA Today on Luol Deng, a star forward with the Chicago Bulls. He was born in the Sudan. He and his family were able to flee when he was young. He spoke at a Save Darfur Coaltion rally in Chicago Sunday. “We all need to put a stop to this and do whatever we can to stop this. I just hope more people will get involved.”

  • Steven Lubetkin

    Mia Farrow did a great job of making a huge room feel like an intimate conversation in her living room.

    I call everyone’s attention, now that it is hearing “Darfur” as a call to action, to visit the Jewish Council on Public Affairs ( and the Reform Action Center ( where there are extensive resources on Darfur.

    If we are going to make the commitment to use our advocacy expertise to stop the genocide in Darfur, we should be reaching out to other groups doing the same kind of advocacy.