Join the public relations conversation on PRSA’s Professional Development blog, ComPRehension, which serves as a venue for showcasing our speakers and their expertise.

If you are delivering a presentation for PRSA, we invite you to share your insights about the topic of your session in a blog post, which will help boost visibility for your program, and generate feedback and questions from our members.


Please submit a post of at least 200 words having to do with your presentation or one of the categories found on our public relations training calendar, including:

Our tracks at our International Conference change from year to year and are not always the same as our categories of professional development training. For the PRSA 2014 Internatonal Conference, the following are also potential topics of discussion for the ComPRehension blog:

  • Integration — New approaches or platforms for problem solving, integration of tools or communications functions (marketing, branding, advertising)
  • Tools & Techniques — Skill building, messaging, writing, relationship-building, pitching, word-of-mouth, speech writing, storytelling and social media tools & techniques.
  • Specialization — Focused on specific audiences, areas or industries such as health care, technology, ethics, diversity, Accreditation, global and education, as well as work/life gender issues.
  • Strategy & Measurement — Targeted to experienced practitioners: case studies or presentations that demonstrate best practices in research, planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • Leadership & Management — Corporate culture, social responsibility, crisis response, workplace infrastructure, conflict resolution, mentoring, change management, reputation management and advocacy.

Your blog post must meet the PRSA Blogging Guidelines. It should not be a content outline but instead, share useful information that readers can apply to their work. It also should be conversational in tone, written in the first-person narrative, and include a brief two to five sentence bio and photo. (Photo optional.)

Your post should not be a content outline, but instead tell the readers something useful they can draw on to help them in their work.

You also may submit a digital image or video file. If you opt to do this:

  • Images should be sent with a reference URL, or in JPEG or GIF format with a maximum dimension of 150×150.
  • Video files should be sent with a reference URL from a source such as YouTube for embedding.

While PRSA requests original posts, content that has previously appeared elsewhere has been republished, depending on the relevance of the content to our Professional Development programs. The decision to republish content is made on a case-by-case basis.

If your post is published, you will be provided with a username and password so that you can view your post and respond to reader comments.

Send your blog post in a Word file, along with all related images, to