At 85, Charlotte Nushy, my favorite aunt, is “starting to get old.” The other day she was telling my sister and me that, though she’s not bedridden, she does spend a lot of time in bed because her back aches when she sits up for too long.

Then she interrupted herself to exclaim, “Shut up, whiner! Who cares?”

“Shut up, whiner! Who cares?” is my new tweeting motto. Tweeting about your late flight, awful dinner or bad service? Shut up, whiner! Who cares?

Pass the ‘Who cares?’ test

Before you hit “update” again, make sure your tweet passes the “Who cares?” test.

  • Would the collection of strangers and friends following you find this information relevant, valuable and interesting? 
  • Would you pick up the phone to share this info? 
  • Would you invest a stamp on spreading the news?

If not, cancel the tweet. Then, instead of answering, “What are you doing?” recommend a great article or blog posting or share an insight others can use.

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